Counselling & Mindfulness for young people & adults

Sessions are available online via Zoom or in-person at my Paignton clinic.


8 week mindfulness based workshops, for groups or individuals.

Loss & Trauma Support

Through a supportive approach, my clients feel safe within our counselling sessions together.

Low Self-Esteem

Confidence and self-esteem can really be improved through a gentle therapeutic process.

Therapeutic support in a safe space without judgement.

Suffering from anxiety? Sadness or isolation due to your thoughts and feelings? Are you scared of rejection and possible shame, guilt or judgement, which can be a hard place to be?

I offer counselling for young people and adults for Anxiety, Depression, Loss and Trauma.

Through a kind, thoughtful, therapeutic approach that puts you at the centre of my work, I can offer you a safe place to unload what may have been stopping you from living the life you know, or maybe don’t know is out there for you.

Hello! I’m Stephanie Boosey

NCS Accredited Therapeutic Counsellor

I have experience working and supporting young people, families and adults. I offer affordable counselling, helping you to process and move forward.  An initial phone consultation is available free of charge to help you decide if I am the right counsellor for you.

I can offer face to face or online therapy sessions, enabling you to discuss whatever issues you bring such as anxiety, depression, trauma, loss & bereavement, low self-esteem & confidence, relationships and unhappiness with work, home or general unhappiness, in a supportive environment offering compassion and kindness. 

I support my clients who bring a broad range of issues, by using gentle yet powerful techniques that help them discover healthy strategies for coping. I see counselling and therapeutic work as a collaborative process in which the client brings her or his experiences in both a conscious and an unconscious way and I bring my awareness, my experience and my respectful curiosity.

I have worked with young people within education in a supportive role for over 12 years. Supporting them with the pressures of being a young person. Helping them to cope with stress and anxiety and offering Mindfulness based practice.

I am currently working as a counsellor within schools. Previously, I have worked with Young Devon as a counsellor within schools in Plymouth along with counselling adults with Dartmoor Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy. The counselling support I have offered to clients included bereavement and loss and dealing with trauma.

I believe that every client is unique and should be given the opportunity to be actively listened to.  My approach is always non-judgemental with an unconditional positive regard for all my clients. Confidentiality and trust is also important for me to ensure that my clients feel safe and respected.

Offering Mindfulness based approaches provides clients with the skills to help them within their daily life and have a more positive outlook to life. Along with coping with their own anxieties and helping them deal with their emotional wellbeing. Being more self-aware can help them to get control of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.