Mind and Body Workshops

Mindfulness based practices

8-week Mindfulness-based workshop

1 hr 30 mins session each week, for 8 weeks

Groups or individual

From £125.00 per person for the 8 weeks

Location, dates and times to be advised. Check my Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events or contact me directly with any queries.

I offer an 8-week mind and body workshop which is based on Mindfulness developed by Mark Williams and runs alongside the book “Finding Inner Peace in a Frantic World” by Mark WIlliams. It is
aimed at anyone who is experiencing self-criticism, shame, self-dislike or finds it difficult to calm themselves when distressed.

Suffering from anxiety or depression and finding life is becoming too stressful?

This workshop provides the opportunity to learn therapeutic strategies for managing wellbeing in a setting where you can also connect with others. The workshop I offer is experiential in nature so you will often be invited to participate in meditation-based exercise.

This workshop will introduce you to a range of ways to step out of negative thought patterns, overthinking and worries. There will be a number of experiential exercises to try which will help with gaining some distance from difficult thoughts and with shifting the focus of your attention.